Welcome to Ear Care Torbay!

We remove ear wax using microsuction, using the Tympahealth system and complete ear health checks, we offer both clinic based services and a mobile home visit service and we are available for care home residents.

In 2020, the NHS confirmed they would no longer be offering ear wax removal as a core service, this has now left some unable to have ear wax removed at GP surgeries as they had been able to previously, which for most was a vital service, as those with hearing difficulties can feel isolated, struggle with communication, struggle to access activities and services.

Hearing difficulties impact all aspects of daily life. Excess ear wax can be a cause of hearing difficulties, as such, we at Ear Care Torbay want to help those with hearing difficulties to achieve the best hearing that is possible for them.


What is microsuction?

Microsuction is not ear syringing and is a different procedure- 

Microsuction removes ear wax using a small suction tube and probe to gently remove any excess wax in the ear. Microsuction is considered the Gold standard method of ear wax removal.

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