How does microsuction work?

Microsuction is not ear syringing and is a different procedure-

We, first review your medical history by completing a medical questionnaire with you. This is to understand whether there are any medical reasons why microsuction might not be the right treatment for you. We will outline any risks to having the procedure performed before checking that you are happy to proceed.

We will then investigate your ears using a medical device called an otoscope, a magnification tool with a light on it. This allows us to ensure the wax in your ears is soft enough to be removed using microsuction.

If the wax is soft, we will gently insert the suction tube and gently probe into your ear to remove the wax.

If using ear wax softening drops, we advise that you speak to a healthcare professional before using them.


Can I clean my ears myself?

Ear cleaning should be left to the professionals. But in certain situations, it may be useful to understand how to clean your ears at home naturally, like using ear cleaning drops and solutions when recommended by a pharmacist or other healthcare professional.


Can microsuction damage your ears?

Microsuction is one of the safest ways to remove wax from your ears and is considered the Gold standard.

The process is generally painless, but it can be noisy and, at times, a little uncomfortable. If at any point you feel discomfort or pain during the appointment, please make sure you let us know.

Depending on the amount of wax in your ears, you might find that things sound a little different once the wax has been removed. You might also notice a small amount of ringing or buzzing in your ears, but this should settle down after a couple of days.

We will outline any potential side effects of the procedure during your appointment.

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