Frequently Asked Questions

Ear and hearing healthcare services are in ever-growing demand. With ageing populations and many GPs no longer delivering wax removal services, patients require new ways of accessing ear and hearing health services.

Our services are clinic based and we offer home visits.

For the home visits, we cover the Torbay area and South Devon.

Our Clinics are in Torquay and Dartmouth. 


Clinic costs:

Ear wax removal, both ears - £67.00

Ear wax removal one ear- £37.00

If there is no ear wax that needs removing we will just charge for the ear health check - £27

Costs are normally per appointment -

For home visits costs please call or email us -


Within the care home environment, we can offer individual packages for our services with prior discussion for more than one resident.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements


Are cotton buds safe to use?

Cotton buds can pose a lot of unnecessary risk to your ear health and are not ear cleaners. They can actually push the wax further into the ear canal and put pressure on, or even damage, your eardrum – so it’s best to avoid using them.


Are at-home earwax removal kits safe?

You should avoid buying any at-home earwax removal kits without first getting some advice from an audiologist or pharmacist. They’ll be able to recommend the safest way to remove earwax.


How can I clean my ears without cotton buds?

If a healthcare professional recommends it for you, you can use ear cleaning drops and solutions to allow the earwax to soften and fall out naturally.

Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth and your own fingers to clean any dead skin or other debris from your outer ear.

To do this you’ll need to dampen a cloth with warm water and, using it to cover your finger, run it around the curves of your ear (just make sure you don’t poke your finger into your ear canal.


Can olive oil dissolve earwax naturally?

Olive oil is not an ear cleaner, it can sometimes be used to soften earwax, but it can’t dissolve it.

You shouldn’t put anything in your ears if you have a history of ear infections or if your eardrum is damaged — so it’s always best to get some advice from a professional before you try this.

Your audiologist might ask you to use olive oil to naturally soften your earwax before your earwax removal appointment, but be sure to follow their guidelines carefully and only do this when advised by an expert.

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