We offer clinic based and mobile home service for ear health checks and microsuction ear wax removal. At the appointment, we will assess your ear health needs and complete the ear health check, if we are unable to do this due to excessive ear wax, we will then remove the excessive ear wax using the Tympa microsuction system, once this is complete, we will then complete the ear health check.

Some people can suffer with severely impacted ears, which makes ear wax difficult to remove, due to this, we may not be able to remove all ear wax during the appointment as the wax maybe too deep within the ear canal to reach, hard and dry, the wax maybe on the actual ear drum itself or there maybe other reasons why it can not be removed, this will be discussed at the appointment and further advice will be given if this is the case-

Clinically, as ear wax is the ears natural way of cleaning the ears, not all ear wax clinically needs to be removed and there maybe some remaining ear wax even after microsuction.

We are registered healthcare professionals and accredited as ear care practitioners, through TympaHealth and trained in the use of the TympaHealth Microsuction system, it uses a revolutionary microsuction system to remove ear wax and video record the treatment and ear health check, this can be sent to a remote specialist team of ENT and audiologist consultants who are part of the Tympahealth group for further advice if required. For more information on the Tympahealth system please follow this link:


Do I need to remove ear wax?

Generally, earwax is good for your ears as they are self-cleaning however, impacted, or excessive ear wax can cause problems from increased risk of ear pain and vertigo to hearing loss.

In this case, it is worth getting your audiology professional or GP service to verify whether you have excess ear wax and if microsuction would help.

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